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3 Must-Haves for a Family-Friendly Resort

Resorts have long been an ideal option for family vacations. You can eat, sleep and have fun all in one place. They also offer an endless array of family-friendly amenities. But how do you tell which accommodations will be most accommodating to your family?

Take a look at three must-haves in a great family resort and how they can make a family vacation experience even more special.

Attractions and Activities

The entire family should have ample opportunities to have fun away from home. Resorts offer age-appropriate activities for kids of all ages, as well as things for adults to do and enjoy.

Resorts are increasingly creative in the types of activities and attractions they offer. At Great Wolf Lodge New England guests can enjoy the 84-degree indoor water park, which has something for everyone in the family. Grab a raft and experience a twisting, rafting adventure on River Canyon Run. Little ones can make a splash in Cub Paw Pool. And these are only a few of the many water attractions!

Dry off and check out the many attractions. Buckle up for a 4-D thrill ride at Howly Wood XD Theatre, enjoy the many games in the gigantic Northern Lights Arcade, get into a family-friendly competition of laser tag, or play in the Howlin’ Timbers play park. Also, be on the lookout for character appearances!

Kid-friendly Food
One great thing about resorts is you don’t have to go searching for places to eat. Resorts offer various dining options, but make sure the offers kid-friendly food options, too. This can not only help with picky eaters, but your budget as well. Great Wolf Lodge offers a variety of food options for everyone, and for anytime of the day.

Something for the Parents

While you want to ensure the kids are happy, it’s your vacation, too, so make sure your trip includes something that keeps you happy as well. While at Great Wolf Lodge, parents can relax in the North Springs hot tub or hang out in a Cabana Rental watching TV or reading a book.

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